The basics of using SPSS syntax

If you are new to working with syntax in SPSS or if you are unsure about your SPSS syntax skills these (English) video tutorials may help. It takes slightly under an hour to watch them all (which you shouldn’t necessarily do all at once), but you’ll save more time than that later on, because you can prevent making a lot of often-made mistakes.

If you think your skills are a bit dusty (yet you have some experience working with syntax) you can also just watch the 4th part to freshen up. You don’t need any prior experience to understand the tutorials.

  1. Setting up a syntax file (11 mins). You can download the accompanying dataset here.
  2. Using syntax the right way (work flow) (13 mins)
  3. Getting help (13 mins)
  4. Often-used commands walk-through (21 mins). You can download the accompanying dataset here.

If you prefer a written tutorial, you may find this one helpful. The video tutorials are to a large extent similar to the (older) written tutorial.