Regression Analyses

I created several tutorials about performing and interpreting regression analyses in SPSS (using syntax rather than drop-down menus), including mediation and moderation models. These tutorials are in Dutch.

Part I and II are really about the basics, about running the appropriate syntax and interpreting the output. You can download the accompanying data here.

  • Part I deals with a model with one continuous variable.
  • Part II is about how to use and interpret dummy variables.

Controlled Effects

Part III of the regression tutorials is about controlled effects. Students often find it hard to interpret controlled effects. These tutorials may help understand why & how you control for certain variables. You can download the accompanying data here.

  • Part IIIa is about spurious effects.
  • Part IIIb is about intermediation (explanatory) models.

Interaction Effects

Part IV is about models that contain interaction effects (moderation models). These models are often estimated incorrectly and/or misinterpreted by students. Especially the interpretation of the “main effects” in models that contain interaction terms is something that goes wrong often.

  • Part IVa is the introduction and deals with an interaction between a categorical and continuous variable.
  • Part IVb deals with interactions between categorical variables and with interactions between continuous variables.