Social and Psychological Consequences of Internet Usage

One line of research I am developing deals with how Internet usage affects people’s social lives and well-being. I received a VENI grant from the Dutch scientific counsel (NWO) in July 2012, which currently allows me to do much work on this topic. You can find an
English summary of that proposal here, and you can find an informal Dutch summary here.

Based on data collected with the aid of the LISS panel, the main topic I am studying is online coping, or the way in which individuals use the Internet to deal with stressful life events and problems. So far I have worked on creating a measurement instrument and exploring its relation with types of Internet usage and well-being (see Van Ingen, Utz & Toepoel 2014), finding out what predicts the mobilization of online resources after negative life events (Van Ingen & Wright 2014), and on examining inequality of mobilized online resources (Van Ingen & Matzat 2014).

A related topic I’m interested in is the way in which migrants use the Internet to help them maintain ties to the country of origin, establish ties in the host country, and prevent loneliness (see Damian & Van Ingen 2014; Van Ingen & Corten 2013).

One of my activities other than research has been to organize a yearly Workshop Internet Research, together with Rense Corten.