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Talks this week

I’m giving two talks this week. Tomorrow at the SSI conference I’m presenting a paper written together with Kevin Wright entitled “What Determines the Quality of Relationships in Online Support Groups?”. If you are interested: you can still register for the conference as far as I know. Alternatively, you can download the sheets of the presentation here.

Last Tuesday, I gave a talk on “Personal relations in the Internet age” at the PARIS research colloquium of VU Amsterdam. You can take a look at the sheets of that presentation

Talk Kevin Wright on online support groups at TiU

On Wednesday 14 October (12:30-13:30; CZ-8) Kevin B. Wright (George Mason University) will give a talk entitled “More than Medicine: Online Support Groups for Individuals Facing Stigmatized Health Conditions.” Kevin is a renowned scholar in the area of social support and health and he has been studying online support groups for more than 15 years. He will talk about some of his current and future research projects in this area.
Registration is not required.

For more information on Kevin Wright look here or here.